Nature Walk

Spending a few days at a provincial park in August I captured these images of my friend’s niece during a nature walk. I think K’s charming shyness shines through in these photographs! I do prefer shooting in natural light if possible. Playing around with the best angles to get the best light is always a fun challenge!

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4-H dairy club

My three daughters belong to the local 4-H organization. One of their clubs is the dairy club and these photos are from a recent dairy show.


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Blooms & nature

We live on 8 acres in the country with some forest, some lawn and a pond. The wildlife we get is amazing. Our property has a few great spots for outdoor portraits if that is what you are looking for.  I often browse around to see what I can photograph in our backyard to get my creative juices flowing.  Here are a few things that captured my attention lately.

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Imagine having such perfect skin like little S and J in this portrait? They also happen to be the most wonderful children one could want. We are personal friends with this family and I can vouch for that they are as sweet as they look!

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Summer kids

Children are the best to photograph, you never what expression you will get!

Fisrt off are three lovely siblings who have very different personalities. The middle girl is soft and dreamy, her brother smart and capable and their little sister is rambunctious and fearless!

Miss T loved jumping high in the grass for her photo shoot!

Best of friends since toddlerhood! Captured together on a hot summer day.

This mischevious little boy gave me tons of grins and giggles. Doesn’t he look like he is up to something?


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Head shot

I do head shots for real estate and business purposes. Here is a local real estate agent who ended up using her photos on a billboard!

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Little boys!

I am sorely behind in blogging, so I will start with some child and baby portraits I photographed in the last little while. Little J was the sweetest little baby boy, sleeping peacefully through most of the session. He is their first child and very loved!

Next up is a pair of very busy brothers! I had to run after them and shoot as fast as I could, LOL. They were interested in everything outside here on our property where the shoot took place, the John Deer pedal tractor, the climbing rocks and the pond. Finally I plunked them in an apple tree so I could keep them both in one place for a minute and it was all I got, LOL. They were fun to run after though!

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Continuing with images close to home,  I took some images from a dance workshop my daughter attended. I will be able to take posed dance photos in my studio for anyone that desires that kind of image as part of a portrait session.

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Tea parties

I have some catching up to do on this blog! To start off with I want to share some images from a wonderful tea party we held here on our property in the summer. I look forward to photographing client’s children in tea party settings next summer. Nothing is more adorable then tea party dresses and fedoras!

My three daughters and I.


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A park day

It was a beautiful day when we went to the park the other day. I snapped some photos of my own four children while there. Well, everyone except the second eldest. I kept missing her, so instead I included a window lit image of her.  I also include a window lit one of my youngest daughter. How wonderful not having to pack on all those winter clothes and be able to jump free!

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